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Our History

1st Sailors Bay Sea Scouts is local to Castlecrag and but has its origins in 1st Chatswood. While Scouts originated in England, its world wide growth was almost spontaneous from Lord Baden Powell’s bestseller “Scouting for Boys” in 1908.

Formed in 1914, 1st Chatswood Scouts was a very active group that was the state champion for at least 4 years and won the national competitive shield at the Melbourne corroboree in January 1923. The troop was known as “Lord Forster’s Own”, and on 3rd May 1924 the Governor General Lord Forster officially opened the new hall at 56-58 Laurel St, Willoughby built on land donated by Joseph Griffiths of ‘Laurelbank’ in 1922.

In 1932 the group split into Land and Sea Scouts, and the latter rented one of the boatsheds on the southern arm of Sugarloaf Bay from 1935. During the war they moved south of the peninsula to Sailors Bay, renting from Ron Eddies, who had taken over Bob Carr’s boatshed (now Castlecrag Marina). Rowing expeditions were made throughout Middle Harbour in the 18’ skiffs “Alice S” (donatd by Alice Shipway’s family), “JohnO” and later the whaler “Resolution” (sold in 1958 for £70). Sails were hoisted when wind allowed. 

The original 50 year old boat shed at Mowbray Point in Castlecrag burnt down in 1998, was rebuilt and officially reopened on 29th November 2003.

Civic presentation to 1st Chatswood Scouts in Chatswood? after returning from winning the E.Trenchard Miller Shield on 11th January 1923 at the 2nd Australian Corroboree in Melbourne. The report the next day in the Sydney Morning Herald read:

The scouts' camp at Flemington Showground was visited today by His Excellency the Governor General (Lord Forster) who was accompanied by Lady Forster and Sir Alfred Pickford.

Early in the afternoon contests for the E.Trenchard Miller shield were commenced. Eight patrols, two each from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria contested, and keen interest was taken in the various items which were not concluded until 6 o'clock. Points were awarded for practical first aid and first aid theory, first stretcher drill, signalling, knot tying and lashing and uniform and general appearance. ......, The total number of points scored by Chatswood was 578 and the 1st Melbourne Patrol was second with 563 points. Dulwich Hill gained fifth place with 544 points. ..... 

War years Patrol Leader Dick McKenzie returned to the group as a Leader after his RAAF service, and Assistant Patrol Leader Gordon Ingate’s 1972 Munich Olympics trial boat is now the keeled boat “Tempest” that 1st Sailors Bay sails in Castlecrag’s Twilight racing.

In 1948 the group built its own boatshed next door at Mowbray Point with volunteer labour and 1st Chatswood continued to organize its Port Resolution Regatta which had commenced while in Sugarloaf Bay.