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Our Leaders

The Leaders are the lifeblood of our group – providing adult supervision and guidance at varying levels across all sections and the group in general.

1st Sailors Bay is fortunate to have many of leaders with lots of experience and skills in different areas, be it boating, sailing, climbing, cycling, hiking, camping, art and craft.  Our leaders include professionals, scientists, academics, tradespeople, accountants, doctors and small business owners, who bring to the group not only their love of adventure and the outdoors, but also their commitment to making a difference in young people’s lives.

Our current leaders are:

Group Leaders
GL – Michael Rohanna
AGL – Tanya Taylor

Griffin Cub Unit
Erik Marone, assisted by Gavin Sutton, Kat Alexander, Bruce Murray, Andrew Robson

Phoenix Cub Unit
Paul Arblaster, assisted by Emma McDowall, Matt Sharpe, Dave Varnes, Ava Taylor

Shark Scout Unit
Anthony Stewart, assisted by Nicole Schonrock, Tony Ford, Andrew Blades, Kate Nieland, Meredith Robson

Flying Fish Scout Unit
Frank Walster, assisted by Adrian Spragg, Peter Richardson, Craig Roussac, Linda Lee

Venturer Unit
Mark Taylor, assisted by Beth Hodgson

Other Leaders
State Boating Leader – Chrisco Walster
Honorary Leaders – Ed Coates, David Courtness, Reid Butler
Group Advisor – Ron McLaren

Interested in becoming a leader? Please get in touch and we’ll let you know what’s involved.

It’s a really fun, rewarding thing to do with your kids, and for yourself. Actually Scouting is one of the few activities you can actually participate in with your children (not just supervise from afar). Some more information about being a leader can be found here – Why I Lead.