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Each Section has a compulsory uniform, purchased from the Scout Shop –

The same navy blue shirt forms the basis of every Scouts Australia uniform, with the collar and sleeve colours indicating the age section in which the Scout is active. The shirts of leaders are all navy blue.

Once you have decided to formally join, you should purchase a uniform shirt promptly. You will be required to be in uniform to be invested. The preferred shirt is the button up cotton shirt, but there are also polo shirts available from the Scout Shop. Shirts are to be worn with cream or light coloured pants or shorts where possible. A 1st Sailors Bay hat and scarf as well as a woggle (scarf ring) and badges will be provided upon investiture.

Prior to obtaining a uniform, youth should wear comfortable clothes and closed in shoes.

1st Sailors Bay also have a rash shirts, hoodies and polo shirts for camps available for purchase – these are optional and are available from our Merchandise Site –

Positioning badges

Badges are synonymous with Scouting, and each of them has a specific place on a uniform. Below are guides to affixing badges and other emblems in their correct positions. You can download a copy of this guide here.