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Special Interest Areas

The Outdoor Adventure Skills take Scouts up one side of each mountain, and they are the link between adventurous activities and the program. They enable Scouts of all ages to access the basic skills for a range of activities and progress through to high-skill levels across three core and six specialist areas.

The Special Interest Areas take Scouts up one side of each mountain, and the six broad categories are designed to meet different developmental needs. They provide opportunities for Scouts to develop their skills, experiences and knowledge in specialist subjects in which they are really interested.

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Adventure & Sport, Arts & Literature, Creating a Better World, Environment, Growth & Development and STEM & Innovation are the six Special Interest Areas. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is important Scouts progress to a reasonable level of achievement based on their capabilities, particularly if they are working towards a peak award.

Adventure & Sport

Expanding the areas of physical personal prowess in ways the Outdoor Adventure Skills do not cover.

Arts & Literature

Expressing oneself, being imaginative and pushing creative boundaries.

Creating a Better World

Creating a Better World


Focusing on the natural environment and actions Scouts can take to protect, enhance or learn more about it.

Growth & Development

Cultivating oneself as a person, understanding others and evolving in new skill areas.

STEM & Innovation

Developing a powerful questioning, curious, scientific mind.