Mowing & Cleaning Duties

In the week prior key collection can be organised by emailing
To Do List

  • Mowing
    • Nature strip, middle lawn and lower lawn (near BBQ / fire place). In spring and summer this has priority over all else
    • Don’t worry about the grass catcher – it is fine to mulch in.
  • Sweeping
    • Main cement yard – bin the loose leaves
    • BBQ / fire place (down the back) – quick brush down the brick pavers
    • Put out bins that need emptying onto the nature strip latest Monday night.  Collection takes place early Tuesday morning. Do not block the driveway! Keyholders are encouraged to return empty bins to the yard ASAP
  • Green waste
    •  Collect sticks, weeds, etc and fill the green bin.

  • Straighten up tables and chairs. Sweep floors and wipe down black boards with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the kitchen, storing all utensils
  • Empty garbage bins
  • Clean the toilets (at the back of the hall). The key is inside hanging up in the main room. 

If you notice something additional, eg low on fuel or damage that requires attention please email

Many thanks,

Geoff & Stuart